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    Latest News!
    Quebec SAAQ had implimented a ban of inspections stations from inspecting RHD vehicles on April 29 2009. This ban was to be either lifted or made into law as of this month. Instead SAAQ has implimented a further 6 month "temporary" ban. This is a means of banning RHD registrations. This is also an example of how fast a ban can be implemented in ANY province by corrupt government proceedures.

    Ivoac has been unable to reverse this proceedure at this time.

    Luxury Imports is suggesting if you are interested in owning and grand fathering a RHD vehicle then waiting is not in your best interest. Whether you purchase from us or from your favorite importer, now is the time to take action.

    Caution must be exercised when making a purchase from ANYONE or ANY company in Japan. It is recommended not to invest money you can not afford to sacrifice if our government decides to play dirty. There was a number of owners that had vehicles purchased in Japan, on the water and sitting in the owners yards that could not be registered after April 29th.

    Should this action be implemented in any other province it is in our own good interest to stand up for each other and make our voices heard. Being apethetic will not stop the actions of CADA, CCMTA, SAAQ, ICBC or any other organization that are being coerced by the North American Dealers Association or the various insurance companies.

    Our government is not looking out for our best interests, it is looking out for the above organizations financial interests. This is a proven fact with our tax money being spent to back the private industries of GM and Chrysler.

    The RHD craze is over.
    Many of the importers that have sprung up in the last 3-4 years are now no longer in business. There are some that have stolen the deposits of the unwary and have disappeared not to be found. This a sad fact but one that must be announced to protect the innocent. It would be prudent to do a back ground check of the importer or curber you are thinking of dealing with and ask the following questions:

  • Has this importer been active for a long period of time?
  • Does this importer advertise vehicles that are not his own?
  • Does this importer have a clean reputation? If there were issues, did the importer deal honestly with the customer?

    It is important to remember that being a registered dealer does NOT make the importer an honest individual. "Curbers" or unlicensed importers can be found to be more honest than many of the licensed importers. Remember, you are giving money to an individual so it is the HONESTY that is in question. If, for any reason, you suddenly feel the individual is untrustworthy then walk away before you make that deposit. Your gut feelings will tell you whether you can trust the importer or not. Do NOT get caught up in the spiel, the sales pitch, it is your money, your time, your investment.

    After much consideration Luxury Imports will be moving to Ontario. Alberta has been a great place to live and work. We will miss our friends, customers and subtrades. It has been a fantastic 28 years but it is time to head home. During this transition period Luxury will be happy to locate a unit for you but email and phone coverage will be sporatic. Please leave a message and we will return your calls as soon as possible.

    Due to the ever increasing calls from concerned customers from other importers and due to the time restraints because of the move we will no longer be able to help others that are not our own customers. We need to be able to supply parts, help and information for those individuals that invested in a Luxury unit. It is not fair to ourselves and to our customers to burn what hours we have to spare trying to find solutions to other importers clients. Do your research before you buy, make sure you can source parts, service and information from your importer. being stranded on the side of the road with an importer that won't / can't help can be frustrating.

    This time of year it is important to have your vehicle checked over to make sure it is up to the task at hand. a cracked head, rotted tires, faulty exhaust can all be not only frustrating but deadly. have your batteries load tested, your charging system tested, your coolant tested and pressure tested and your lights inspected.

    this is an important association that is fighting for YOUR rights, we need your support and encouragement. The association has traveled far and won some impressive battles already but the battle is far from over.

    ICBC is messing with your insurance coverage and has released a false statement "Right hand drive cars are 40% higher chance of being involved in an accident." through the freedom of information act we accessed the information they based this false claim on and after a cursory glance our statisions found the percentage to be incorrect, how far off is the 40%? at first glance the figures are 9%... LESS chance of being involved in an accident. This makes sense since when you are driving a vehicle that is different from what you are used to it makes you MORE cautious, not less cautious. ICBC, in all their wisdom, sent this information to a great number of insurance agencies through out Canada as well as to Transport Canada. Transport Canada, with out reviewing the statistical source posted this information up on their site. if you are having difficulties getting insurance or your full coverage is now rediculious then contact and join in the fight. we will try and help you but in return we ask for your support.

    ICBC Shoots Themselves In The Foot Yet Again.

    The blatant personal attack on RHD vehicles have never been so obvious as the latest release by ICBC.

    On Tues ICBC posted up a new (incorrectly) report stating that RHD vehicles are 40% more likely to be involved in an accident. When ICBC posted this link up IVOAC committee members went to work to disprove it immediately. Mike Bain contacted the original station that had relayed this info asking for the right to dispute the findings which he did on Wed. Daryl Chymko was contacted as well for a live interview Wed evening. Thursday Evening Mike went head to head with ICBC on a 1/2 hour live radio broadcast.

    The committee was also approached by a private statiscion that showed some of the blatant mistakes in the most recent report. his comment to the committee was "I am utterly surprised that for someone familiar with SPSS, SAS, survival analysis and cox regressions, and working for a crown corporation, would make such a blatant mistake in the calculation of R.R....I would doubt the validity and reliability of the entire analyses, as results can be twisted to match each other" This report is an embarrassment to ICBC and the BC government.

    Here is the report in it's whole.

    Additional reports and information:

    These are IVOAC discussions about the report:

    Transport Canada Threat Is Now Fact

    Canadians Denied Quality Imports

    it is important that YOU join the fight.


    To be bluntly honest I feel they have just shot themselves n the foot. We now know that just because they have taken a step back on enforcement of the SAE/DOT compliance random inspection, which gave the BC persons a false sense of hope, was just a ruse so they could try a different angle.

    With this information reaching the headlines there is hope that finally the owners of RHD cars and trucks will rise up and fight this movement. A call to action per says.

    ...more info...

    LJ71 / LJ78 Prado WARNING!!

    The head issue concerning the 2LT/2LTE heads is a real concern for those that are considering purchasing a LJ71 or LJ78. Just in the last few months there have been a record number of units that have had head problems. DO NOT BE DECIEVED this is a serious and expensive concern. On average the cost to replace a head on the engine is $3000+ (plus a week minimum down time and any tow bills).

    There are ways to circumvent the problem but even these are not cheap. If the dealer you are buying from does not inform you of this issue then our advice is to walk away.

    We at Luxury Imports have warranted 3 of these units in the last few months.

    We at Luxury Imports will not bring in any of these units unless by special request and we will NOT warranty the heads or the costs of replacement.

    Here is some informative reading for those that are leaning towards purchasing these units.


    Here is my take on the situation in Japan. When I first started importing the auctions seemed very strict when it came to grading the interiors and exteriors, a '4' was actually a '4' and a "B" was a "B" interior.

    This seemed to be the case for about 3 years then I watched as the grading fell dramatically and the attitude at the auctions visibly changed for the worse. I started hearing complaints from the exporters that money wasn't being transferred in a timely manor.

    Scam artists were surfacing in Canada. One such example of this is one importer here in Canada pulled a serious scam by using an ordered "low grade" HJ61 as an example of the "poor product" coming out of Japan. So he contacted a gent in Japan, who was desiring to expand his export business, but refused to pay for the HDJ81 till after it arrived in Canada so he could examine it in person. The agreement was it would be at this time it would be paid for in full. Once the truck arrived the Canadian didn't pay for the unit but said he would at time of sale to a customer. The truck is still not paid for but is advertised as a "high end unit". This truck has been in the works for nearly a year.

    What is the problem with this situation? It affects all of us

    The Japanese exporters talk amongst themselves. The good importers in Canada are respected and the shady ones are noted. If a Canadian importer buys a unit where the mileage is questionable (say the mileage is reading 55,000 km but it has been noted that the speedometer cluster was changed out at one time) and posts it up for sale with the mileage “confirmed” (and the importer knows this is a lie) then this is noted. The Japanese exporters, in general, are an honest breed and do not respect this form of deceit.

    Also the buyers need to realize that when they buy a unit from an exporter, in most cases the exporter does not check the car over. Most just take your order and bid amount and find you a unit that matches both. The exporter gets his commission by supplying the unit, not by doing the extras that the rare few charge for. Plus there are some shady exporters in Japan but I have only come across a couple. In comparison, there are VERY FEW dealers in Canada that I trust.

    The auction grade has fallen dramatically. I have seen grade ‘4’ with rust, with serious dents, with heavy fading and I have seen “B” interiors with rips, heavily smoked in. to me this is unacceptable but you must adjust with what is going on. If you do not have a contact in Japan that visually inspects the unit, that can inspect the unit after the auction unit has been won and is willing to invest at least an hour of his time to test drive the unit then you are buying a high risk unit. You could end up with anything.

    The units that are showing up with head cracks, I suspect, are units bought directly out of the auction, trucked to the dock and shipped over. These are usually units bought for a low-end dollar by someone trying to save a buck. Repair bills at this end will quickly eat up the buck you save. Of course if you are an unscrupulous importer and buy one of these units then you try and flog it to an unknowledgeable customer so you can cut your loses.

    Especially with the 2LT-E equipped units a truck could arrive in Canada with no problems but days/weeks/months later the head issue WILL show up. People buying these engines must be ready to drop between $2000 and $3000 to get the engines up and running. Does replacing the head mean an end to the head issue? No. I was chatting with Dan (4wheel auto) last week and he mentioned of a guy with surf that is on his 3rd head now. Once the new head is installed take preventative action to make sure the entire system is upgraded to resist the high EGTs and the problematic cooling system.

    In most cases it is not the exporter that is to blame for the issues showing up, it is the attitude of the Canadian importers, the price people are willing to pay and the demands that accompany the price.

    My recommendations is first, do not buy a 2LT(E) equipped unit. PERIOD. Unless you are prepared to pay what it costs to do the head and upgrades.

    Next do not deal with the exporters in Japan (unless you KNOW they sell a good product) if you cannot afford to loose the investment money.

    Lastly, if you really want a trouble free unit then buy from a REPUTABLE importer here in Canada that will stand behind the product he sells. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    In my mind there are 3 tiers of exporter in Japan. The low-end exporter that will sell you anything and lie about the product to make a sale. The 2nd level that try hard to have a happy customer with prompt service and actually having the units inspected before the bid goes in and the high end exporters that actually have all the units inspected before auction bidding, an inspection after the purchase and a good long test drive. Of course this costs more to the consumer but at least the exporter feels comfortable in selling the units to the importers in Canada.


    Trouble in paradise:

    Due to the over whelming number of emails and calls from dissatisfied customers that purchased their units from uninformed importers and curbers, we must be very selective in the calls we take and emails we answer. We need to support our own customers first and foremost.

    To further complicate matters the BC government has decided to clamp down on the imports coming in from Japan. This is causing the phone to ring off the hook so we must ask you to make sure you are purchasing your units from dealers that KNOW the answers. Some of the inspection facilities do not even know the rules and regulations for the imports and are also going by hearsay, this is muddying the waters even worse. (an example of the worse misinformation I have heard so far is that Right hand drive units are illegal in Canada!!)

    A STRONG word of caution: even though a unit has passed the out of province inspection in one province does not make it eligable for registration in another province, you MUST check and make sure what the regulations are in your home province before buying a unit. Some of these costs to make a unit conform to the provincial specifications can be quite expensive indeed.

    We at Luxury Imports are striving to make our vehicles conform to all the provinces regulations but until the BC inspectors actually know what they are to be looking for it will be up to the purchaser to ask the questions from the inspection facility they are going to be using for the out of province inspections.

    Here are the regulations in the BC governments own words, this might help...

    After chatting with some of my customers, a common comment that is coming up in the "trade" is the line "I have a brother, cousin, son etc living in Japan and that is how I find my units". What does this say to me? If my brother was running a used car dealership would that make him any more trustworthy, especially if you never met my brother or have done business with me before? No, it doesn't.

    Should you buy from these importers? The choice is up to you.

    What I am saying is you need to be an informed buyer. An informed buyer is a smart buyer. An informed buyer knows what he wants, what questions to ask and how to decipher between "hot air" and facts.

    To further this desire to have informed customers I contacted Toyota Canada. I had a chat with Nathan at Toyota Canada's head office on what I perceive as a conflict of interest and to hear their reaction to Toyota dealerships selling unit that Toyota Canada will not bring in parts for.

    This is a basic summary of our conversation:

    I mentioned they put a stop on all foreign parts that are not on the North American Electronic Parts Catalogue last year.
    Nathan's answer-- he agreed this was the case.

    I mentioned this seemed to show non-support of Toyota Canada for the JDM units coming in from Japan.
    Nathan's answer--no comment

    I mentioned there are at least 7 dealerships selling JDM units in western Canada and how does Toyota Canada feel about this issue since this seems to be in conflict with their stand on Japanese Designated Market (JDM) imports.
    Nathan's answer--no comment.

    I asked how they feel about their franchises selling units that even they cannot get parts for.
    Nathan's answer--no comment.

    I asked them how they feel about the customers of these dealerships needing parts that they cannot get.
    Nathan's answer--the customer should do their research before buying these units. Toyota Canada does not stand behind these units.

    I suggested that maybe Toyota Canada should insist on their dealers warning the customers of this fact.
    Nathan's answer--it is the customer’s responsibility to do their research.

    This was a conversation with Nathan at Toyota Canada's head office.

    I found the results to be interesting to say the least.

    An informed customer is a smart customer.

    I have no problem with anyone selling JDM imports, I DO have a problem if the Importer does not warn the customer of:
  • Possible shortcomings in design of the unit sold
  • Possible problems getting parts
  • Possible problems of registering a unit
  • Sold as is / where is without telling the customer straight up what is wrong with the unit

    An informed customer is a smart customer.
  • Cool Stuff:

    Now is the time to join forces and stop the threat of a change. BC Transportation has a hate for RHD units. At this point it will be a couple years before we will see the rule take effect but wouldn't it be nice if we could stop it all together?

    Join here:

    VOAC have release a 24 page position paper outlining their stance on the proposed changes to the federal 15-year import regulations.

    IVOAC's publication page, check here often to see the latest releases:

    Transport Canada's reasoning for the propsed change from 15-year rule to 25-year rule

    Report from Japan

    Report from Great Britain

    Stay Informed and Stay Involved!

    Get ready for the upcoming 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain River Shiver, being held in February 2006. See the Rocky Mountain Land Cruiser Association website for more details.


    Luxury Imports is proud to major sponsor showing support of our local chapter of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association, the Rocky Mountain Land Cruisers, as they host the RIVER SHIVER for the third year in a row. This year it is being held on Feb. 16th -19th, 2007.

    3501 29th St NE
    Calgary Alberta

    Mike and Dean are highly recommended by Luxury Imports for quality service of your domestic or imported vehicle.

    Luxury Imports recommends 4wheel Auto as an excellent PARTS source for your JDM Unit.
    Tell them Luxury sent you.

    About Us:

    Luxury Imports is an extension of Crushers Rule, a company that has built, owned, restored and maintained Land Cruisers for over 20 years. During that time we have seen over 400 Land Cruisers of all years and vintages pass through our shop. Land Cruisers are more than just a vehicle for us, they are a passion that we share with our customers.

    We've taken this love of Land Cruisers overseas and are now importing exotic Land Cruisers with options and features never available for the North American market.

    We specialize in the rare BJ74, BJ71, HJ61 units with low mileage that just can't be found in Canada. These units come with unique options like Power Windows, Power Mirrors, Air Conditioning, PTO Winches, Stainless Steel Bumpers, Raised or Removable Tops, Power Sunroof, Turbo Charger, Direct Injected Engines, Full Floater Rear Differential, Limited Slip or Cable Locker, and best of all, rust free bodies.

    We service what we sell.

    Recent News:

    March 18, 2007 - All Units Sold By Luxury Imports Are DOT/SAE Compliant (unless otherwise stated).

    Should the 15-year importation rule be changed, the projected value of existing COMPLIANT units will increase in value 20% - 50%. Non-compliant vehicles will be weeded out by Transport Canada and de-registered. Join the FIGHT FOR RIGHT (Imported Vehicle Owners Association of Canada). Should we loose the fight then Luxury Imports will be increasing the selling prices accordingly.

    Luxury Imports is supporting the efforts of IVOAC morally and financially in an effort to prevent this change from taking place.

    Study your future purchase carefully and ask questions of the person you are purchasing your unit from. Some importers are claiming their units are compliant when they are not. The SKYLINE GTR and GTS stock headlights will NOT pass inspection at this time. Getting a unit registered through back door means is a false sense of security. CVSE (Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement) has the legal right to force a re-inspection of the unit in question at any time. Should it not pass they can revoke the existing registration. Careful consideration should be exercised unless you want an expensive lawn ornament gracing your property.

    Should the 25-year rule take effect then replacement vehicles, in case of an accident, will NOT be available for 10 years from now. Join today and protect your freedom of choice of the vehicle you deserve to own.

    Jan 01, 2005 - Due to the recent influx of calls in regards to the units sold by our competitors, we WELCOME questions needing answers about how to repair hidden flaws. Contact Us . For your own piece of mind, ask your importer lots of questions. There is more to buying a import than just price.

    Jan 01, 2005 - We now supply CD radios installed in all the units coming in from Japan. If a 24-12 Converter is needed then that is also included.

    Jan 01, 2005 - We supply FACTORY shop manuals with every Land Cruiser we sell, both engine and chassis manuals. These are not Haynes or Max Ellery manuals.

    Jan 01, 2005 - The Mitsubishi Diesel Jeep page is coming soon containing links, trivia, specifications.

    Nov 28, 2004 - FACTORY reproduction manuals are now available.

    Nov 24, 2004 - We now are bringing in HZJ77, HZJ81, HDJ81 and the HZJ73 Contact Us for more details.

    Nov 8, 2004 - We now offer Propane Injection for diesel applications. Visit our Propane Injection FAQ for more information.

    Old News:

    April 3, 2004 - We now offer 12HT, 13BT, 3B swaps into your trucks. If you are interested in a diesel conversion, feel free to contact us.

    Please check out our For Sale section to see what is available today. If you don't see the vehicle you are looking for, contact us to discuss availability and price. Buying a used Land Cruiser shouldn't be a "buyer beware" experience. Please check out our FAQ before you buy for a list of commonly asked questions as well as a detailed list of what we inspect on our vehicles before putting them up for sale. Also, be sure to check out our sister site Crushers Rule for complete restorations as well as Land Cruiser adventures and trivia.

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