Sherlock of London Overview

This Microgaming game brings to life the City of London, which criminals have invaded. The residents need help from an experienced detective known as Sherlock Holmes; he’s considered one of our protagonists here in Great Britain’s capital city – you can be this person if you play!

Game Symbols

Sherlock and his assistant, Watson, are on the case! The video slot has 25 pay lines that you can play with 5 reels. It’s set in an industrial city where they must find all these criminals before they get away or something terrible happens – like wetting themselves (the reward isn’t worth it). You’ll help them by assisting at crime scenes, so when Sherlock gives out goodies, your rewards will be greater than ever before.

Game Symbols

While chasing down the streets of London, you’ll need to find invaders who have taken over your favourite game. They’re not just represented by one symbol–they’ve got two! One is Sherlock Holmes (the wild) which substitutes for all other regular symbols, but even more exciting than that is his sidekick: Watson himself can replace any bell or bar token on screen during gameplay so long as he appears together. With his partner-in-crime… I mean friend!!

In this slot machine, you will find three icons. The first one has a single eye and is Moriarty, while the other two have eyes that branch out like rays from their sockets – these are known as Holmes’ enemies financing him to get revenge for past wrongdoings against them! Finally, there’s also an image associated with female criminals who use clever schemes at crime scenes which can be won by landing multiple spin symbols anywhere on your screen during regular gameplay, but only if they’re present too via scattering wins.

How to Play Sherlock of London

The game of crime doesn’t have to be difficult. You will earn your pay from the extreme left reel towards the right as this slot machine runs on 5 reels and 3 rows with 25 pay lines, meaning you can match any three symbols across them at once for a win! The betting range stands minimum of $0.25 up until 100 dollars per spin- so it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy when playing our criminal-themed slots here today.

Special Features

  • Connecting Wilds– If you spin and land two or more wilds on the reels, all the wilds wild will be connected. As a result, every symbol found on the connection path will be converted into a wild.
  • Double Win– Occurs when a player lands two wilds in a single row where two reels have connected. This implies that for every spin, you get double your reward.
  • Bonus Spins- You will earn two of these when you land a wild on the first or second reel. The other reels will respin, but the wild will stick at its position.
  • Free Spins– This feature is activated when you land more than three scatters and is accompanied by 10 more freebies. During the free spins round, Watson transforms into an extra wild, although he cannot influence you to win connecting wilds or double win features. A Holmes wild earned during free spins round increases to occupy the whole reel.


With this slot, you can enjoy a generous 25K coins if lucky! There are lucrative rewards and attractive bonus features, including free spins and wild symbols. Detective Sherlock, who is the best symbol of all time, will psych out your opponents with his amazing skillset that includes high odds at winning big time – he has an RTP96%.

Mobile Play

If you’re a BBC’s Sherlock Holmes fan, this game will be perfect for you. As an aspiring crime fighter with nothing but your mobile phone and some determination to get by in life; it may just take a while before we capable catch all those criminals!

Bottom Line

The thrill of learning a new skill is unparalleled, and you get the chance to do it under Sherlock Holmes. He’s one step ahead in solving crimes, so take on this challenging game with him as your instructor! Not only will there be big rewards for completing tasks but also visuals that are sure to make everything more interesting than ever before – no matter what device we’re using (smartphone or computer).